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Meditation For World Change Through Healing And Transformation

Global Healing

A Message

It is through human action, and indeed inaction, that planet Earth is in the state that it is.

It is through human ignorance and denial of responsibility that the world you live on continues to suffer.

Human destiny is not pre-written and should the world and the species come to an end through its own Self-destructive behaviour, then so be it.


For those of you who care for your planet and your species, it is up to you to do something now, and do something quickly, to create an outcome of global kinship forged from universal love.

It is only by standing together, side-by-side, regardless of creed, race or social status, can you forge a future of peace and harmony for future generations to enjoy.

It is only through acting together, through your highest wisdom, out of your deepest love, will you see change upon your Earth.

Change occurs from within.

From within will you find the wisdom and love required to light the fire necessary within your heart, that will spread like wildfire from one person to another, from one country to another, from one destined future. . . to another.

One person can make a difference.

Many can produce change.

It is not your physical influence through this meditation that is important. It is the energy you create around you and project out across the currents of consciousness that seed the potential for change.

This meditation is about projecting such ripples in the fabric of human consciousness.

Do not underestimate your inherent spiritual power.

Let us begin.

You will have prepared enough time and space for your exercise.

You will begin using your typical desired breathing and relaxation routine.

Place your hands in a relaxed and open position at each side of legs or knees, palms facing upward, spine in a straight position.

Clear your mind and heart of the day’s events, and allow yourself to accept this now moment.

Acknowledge it is through the power of love that any of this is possible.

Acknowledge through love the sacred violet rays of transformation exist to help you.

Imagine what these beautiful rays look like and what they can do for you.

Focus your thoughts on these rays and hold in your heart the intention of what you are about to do.

It is through your actions that you interact with the cosmic forces of the universe.

You should be by now in a relaxed and subtle state of mind and body.

You should be by now in a state of relaxed effortless breathing.

Allow your mind now to shift its focus to the temple of your forehead.

And at the temple of your forehead imagine a pinhead of silvery-white light.

As you do, sense a warmth of energy forming within the light.

Imagine this light slowly becoming bigger and bigger, radiating a brilliant silvery-white light, until it is the size of a tennis ball.

As it shimmers upon your forehead shift your focus to the palms of your hands.

Within the palms of your hands imagine a pinhead of silvery-white light.

Sense the warmth radiating through your hands as the light grows bigger, and bigger.

Imagine the silvery-white light form two shimmering balls of energy in the palms of your hands.

Feel the warm glow of your hands, and upon your forehead, and feel the energy spinning in unison.

From the glow upon your forehead two silvery-white beams of light begin to shoot down to connect with the light within your left and your right hands.

Imagine now a third beam of silvery-white light ignites between your left and right hands, forming a triangular beam of light, between your hands and forehead.

As soon as this happens you begin to notice a triangular prism of silvery-white light form from your temple, to your hands, permeating throughout your whole upper body.

Heal The World Meditation

As you do this, begin to will the holographic prism into a slow spinning rotation.

As you observe it will it faster and faster into rotation.

As it begins to spin faster and faster imagine another radiant light begin to emerge within the prism, formed from the pure love of your spirit.

Observe the love of your pure spirit radiate more and more within the prism until it fills it entirely.

As this pure love builds and builds within the prism to a radiant glow, suddenly observe a fractured ray of violet light project out from the prism.

As the prism continues to spin, see this ray of violet light spin around and around you, completely surrounding you, forming a type of plasma ball.

Observe the plasmic sphere engulf you in beautiful violet light and silvery-white flakes of light.

As this plasmic sphere of violet light solidifies around you, cocooning you within its energy, notice how the prism spins out of your current scope of vision and disappears.

It is no longer necessary to give the prism momentum as it now has its own to sustain the sphere.

Focus now upon the exquisite energy contained within the violet plasmic sphere.

Let it permeate through and penetrate your mind, body and soul.

Feel every atom and molecule of your being saturate with this beautiful violet energy.

Know that nothing negative can possibly enter this sphere without your permission.

You will now begin to visualise this plasmic violet sphere growing larger, larger and larger.

As you visualise it expanding see as it expands to fill the entire room.

The whole room is engulfed and saturated in loving violet light.

As the violet light touches and penetrates all in its path, visualise all forms of negative unloving energy being transformed into harmonious peaceful loving energy.

Visualise the sphere as it expands faster and faster, growing and expanding like an explosion of pure divine unstoppable love.

Nothing can stop it.

There are no walls it cannot penetrate.

Visualise your awareness expand with the light, as you look down upon yourself getting smaller and smaller.

The sphere now expands to fill the whole of the planet.

Visualise the planet glowing with serene love and encased in a sphere of violet peaceful light.

Feel this light saturate every living being, every object, everything in its path.

Visualise this divine violet light wash away all pain, all suffering and all fear.

Visualise this divine light spreading truth, wisdom and compassion to all.

Visualise the world, and all who live upon it, united as one in love and in peace.

Heal The World

Hold this visualisation for as long as you can.

When you are ready, refocus your mind back upon yourself. Seated and relaxed in your comfortable position.

Focus your attention upon your breathing now.

Notice your heart beating.

Open your eyes.

Thank yourself for the good work that you have done.

I thank you for the good work that you do.

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